Introducing a Game Changer

Amid rapid change in healthcare, Tampa Bay Emergency Physicians is pleased to move into the future with groups which share our values of physician ownership and management. Introducing our game changer: US Acute Care Solutions. A new company with national reach and resources, putting physician ownership and outstanding clinical care at the center of its decision making. Founded in partnership with other exceptional emergency medicine groups that share our vision, we now have the resources to ensure that we can continue to attract the best talent in emergency medicine, and continue to deliver exceptional care to the greater Tampa Bay and Florida area. Learn more >

Our Values

  • Integrity – consistently doing the right thing
    Hard work – going the extra mile for our patients
    Commitment  – dedicated to the highest standard of care & service
    Attention to detail – no detail is too small
    Team Work – working together to achieve excellence
    Respect  – valuing each other and those we serve
    Personal Service – meeting the unique needs of each patient
    Passion – nurturing enthusiasm for what we do